There Are 10 Amazing Things Vagina Can Do. Open A Coke Bottle And Smoke A Cigarette Are Just Some Of Them

You will be amazed of what a vag*na can do if you ever watched a Ping Pong show in Thailand. Performers are in between 18 and 40 over years old. They use their honey pot to open a coke bottle, smoke a cigarette and perform a lot of crazy stuffs to surprise the audience. Everything is performed right in front of your eyes. For those who suspect these are just some kind of illusion or magic, you are recommended to buy an air ticket and travel to Thailand right away. Let’s see what are the crazy stuffs you can expect to see in a Ping Pong show (Also called Agogo show).

1. Open Coke Bottle – A performer uses her honey pot to open a coke bottle just like how you did it with a bottle opener.

ping pong show

2. Smoke A Cigarette – Ping Pong performers use their private to smoke a cigarette.

ping pong show

3. Use it as an aquarium for gold fish – Women stand on the stage with a small fish tank underneath. Within a second, she ejects a few gold fish out of her honey pot to the tank.

ping pong show Thailand

4. Ping Pong balls – Blow a ping pong ball out of her honey pot and shoot it into a cup in front of her. This is the most popular performance therefore the show is often called Ping Pong show.

ping pong show

5. Blow out candles – Since it is able to smoke a cigarette, blow out a candle isn’t a hard job.

6. Eject a long pennant – With music on, performers eject a long pennant.

ping pong show

7. Perform a whistle blow.

8. Hold a knife and cut a few different types of fruits include banana, apple and orange.

9. Light off some fireworks – Dancers request volunteers to go on stage to hold fireworks and they will light them off without using their hands.

ping pong show

10. Shoot a balloon with dart – Performer requests an audience to hold a balloon. She will then use her pelvic muscle to blow a dart towards the balloon to pop it. This is definitely amazing. That is why “Super Pus*y” is a popular sign board in Bangkok.