These 12 Things Will Always In Your Mind After Leaving Japan

No one ever wants to leave Japan if they have a choice. Tourists who visit Japan for sightseeing have to leave when their holidays end. Foreign teachers who teach English in Japan have to leave when their working permit is expired. Whatever the reason is, there are a few little things in Japan that will always be in your mind after leaving. Here’s the 12 little things that will always appear in your mind after leaving Tokyo, Osaka, Hiroshima, Kyoto or any other cities in Japan.

1. General cleanliness

Japan is clean
No matter where you are, large cities or small town in Japan are always clean. People in Japan don’t simply throw things in the trash. In fact, they will bring home and recycle it.

2. Temaki Sushi

temaki sushi
Temaki Sushi or Hand Roll (????? in Japanese), is a form of rolled sushi. It consists of rice, seaweed and different types of ingredient. It is a delicious Japanese food you will never forget.

3. Super polite customer service

polite Japanese
Konichiwa (How are you), Yokoso (Welcome), Doozo (Please), Arigatoo (Thank you), Ohayou gozaimasu (Good morning), Konbanwa (Good evening) and Oyasumi nasai (Good night) are those words you will often hear in Japan.

4. Very efficient public transport

Japan bus
From buses to train to taxis, you will always get to your destination on time.

5. Safety is not a really a concern

Although crime do happens, it is still safe to walk alone at night in Japan.

6. Japan always has discounts after 7pm

Japan food discounts after 7pm
Many convenience store or market gives huge discount after 7pm. You can find all kinds of dinner boxes or snacks at good prices. Everything is made fresh daily so if it doesn’t sell they have to throw away the food, therefore they rather discount them.

7. High-Tech toilets

high-tech toilet japan
It’s odd to say that toilets in Japan are one of the sightseeing spots but it is. In certain area, toilets are equipped with heated seats, buttons to raise and lower the toilet bowl, automatic flush, blower and remote controls.

8. Godzilla’s head at the Shinjuku Toho building

Godzilla Shinjuku Toho building
Godzilla is not a creature that can be seen in the zoo but there is a lively one at Shinjuku.

9. Onigiri

Onigiri is a little triangle of rice with a dollop of salmon, tuna, komochi kombu or kelp, and wrapped in nori seaweed. Onigiri were once road snacks for Samurai but now it is a common food for people in Japan. Onigiri is available at most convenience stores.

10. Convenience stores are everywhere and they are very convenient

FamilyMart Japan
FamilyMart, 7-Eleven, LAWSON and local convenience stores can bee seen almost everywhere. You can buy hot food at anytime you want even midnight.

11. You can drink on the street if you like to

In Japan, it is legal to drink beer in public.

12. Vending machines are everywhere

Vending machines Japan
Regardless of where you are, vending machines for drinks or snacks are always just a few steps ahead.

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