Bagel Head Is An Art In Japan But You Might Say WTF If You Know How They Actually Look Like

It is common to see Japanese customize their own cars but it is unusual to see how they actually customize their head. Yes, we are talking about head. “Bagel head” or “Bageling” is one of the newest body modifications you can see in Japan. Unlike other body modification, bagel head is a process that can be reversed. If you happened to eat a bagel before, you might be able to imagine how it looks on a human head. Just in case you can’t really imagine, this is how bagel head look like.

How’s the first impression of the bagel head fashion?

bagel head

It is very simple to create a bagel head. It takes about two hours for the entire process. Technicians will insert a needle into the forehead and inject about 300 to 400 cc of medical-grade saline. Once the forehead has become a blob, the practitioner will use his thumb or finger to create the bagel on his head.

Unlike other body modification, this extreme head customization lasts about 24 hours. The bagel head will be gone when the saline is absorbed by the body.

bagel head

For some people in Japan, it is definitely one of the highest forms of art to do to human body.

Canadian TV host La Carmina posts in between two “bagel header”.

bagel head

According to Maeda, the use of medical-grade saline brings no harm to the body. However, it could lead to extreme dehydration if the technician uses a saline solution that is too concentrated.

Bagel head, Bagel head, Bagel head…

bagel head

So, what is the purpose of making a bagel head? To look cool? To look extraordinary? To attract attention? What if the process is non-reversible?