You Wouldn’t Believe Developing Frog Tadpoles Is A Popular Food In Thailand

Yes we are talking about a popular food in Thailand, Mok Huak, which is a plate of developing frog tadpoles. What is the ingredient of the food again? Developing frog tadpoles. Chefs who prepare this dish only want developing frog tadpoles or pollywog but not a complete frog. This food is usually served with fermented fish sauce which is known as Pla Raa in Thai. It is delicious for some Thai but it is awkward for foreigners.

Muak Huak is originated from Isan, North East of Thailand. Throughout Thailand you can order this food.

tadpoles Thailand
Muak Huak is not really cheap compared to some other exotic food in Thailand as it is only available in the rainy season months.

Muak Huak is mixed up with lemongrass, chilies, dill, seasonings, sweet basil and herbs in a bowl. It is then wrapped with banana leafs and grilled with charcoal.

muak huak
In Thailand, Muak Huak is usually eaten together with sticky rice (khao niao). Developing frog or tadpoles taste like nuggets because they are boneless.

So, what chefs deal with frog? You can order frog in different kind of dishes, ranging from curry frog, to stewed in curry, to deep fried.

fried frogFried frog tasted like boneless baby chicken. It is actually a tasty food for some people.