How To Open A Soda Can Without Tab

Ever wonder how to open a soda can without tab? It is common to see people broke the tab on a soda can and failed to open it. Don’t throw away your soda drink if the tab broke off. There are tons of easy ways to open a soda can even without the tab.

Method 1: Use a tablet knife or butter knife

Open A Soda Can Without Tab

  1. It is recommended to wash the entire can because there might be some dirt left when you broke the tab.
  2. Put the soda can on a table and use a table knife or butter knife to push in the tab slowly. Make sure you go slow and steady until you have opened the soda.
  3. Prepare a glass and pour the container into it.

Method 2: Use a stainless steel spoon or fork

Spoon open soda can

  1. Just like method 1, rinse the can to ensure it is clean.
  2. Lay a metal spoon or fork (stainless steel is recommended) on the edge of the handle across the opening.
  3. Apply pressure bit by bit until the soda can is opened.

Method 3: Use a can opener or tin opener

Open A Soda Can Without Tab
A can opener or tin opener is a good tool to open a can of soda (pop) if the tab is broken.

You are not recommended to use a certain tools found in the hardware shop to open a soda can with broken tab, for example, screwdrivers or nut drivers. These tools could cause small bits of aluminium falling into the drinks.