Two Jokes That Make The US President Laugh Out Loud

These jokes make the US president LOL for a minute. Make sure you are ready to read.

Two Fishermen and Mermaid Joke

Two fishermen were fishing when they came upon a mermaid. The mermaid look exactly like a human other than the fish tail. She is very beautiful and sexy. However, one fisherman decided to let her go. “Why”, another fisherman asked with doubt.

The first fisherman shrugged and replied, “How?”

A Man and A Doctor Joke

Image source: Menshealth

A man goes to doctor. Says his penis is having some serious problem. “Alright, then take off your pant and let me check on it”, says the Doctor. The man tells the doctor he is shy because his penis is a lot smaller than average men. The doctor says, “Don’t be shy, I am a doctor. I have seen a lot of small penises in my entire life. I won’t laugh at you.” The man then takes off his pant. The doctor checks his penis and says, “You are right, it is quite small. It is about the size of a peanut. So, what’s your problem?” The man is blush and says, “It is swelling.”