This is Why You Shouldn’t Even Touch Your Phone While Driving

Nothing is worth more than life. A post to Facebook, an update to Twitter, or a photo to Instagram. In recent years, car accident caused by texting is on the rise. It is extremely dangerous to use phone while driving. You shouldn’t use your phones to do anything while you behind the wheel of a car. iPhone, iPad, Android phones or whatever electronic gadgets that are able to connect to the internet are a deadly distraction for a driver.

Have you ever promised yourself not to use phone while driving but you still do it occasionally? This is what might happen.

texting while driving
To avoid the unwanted accident from happening to you, it is recommended to put your phone in a bag and then put the bag in the trunk if you can’t control your impulses. You won’t touch it as long as you can’t reach it.

See this video from AT&T, the woman driver wasn’t even texting but she is obviously distracted by her phone while driving her child home.

A message from Facebook, A post to your timeline, A photo of what you seen on the road to your friend, or whatever similar to it, IS NOT worth to exchange your life and the lives of your loved one.