A Company Make A Twist To Free The Ochobo Spells In Japan And The Sales Go Up To 213%. See How They Do It.

Freshness Burger is a popular national burger chain in Japan. The company offers classic burger, vegetable burger, hamburger, hotdog and drinks to their customers. In Freshness Burger’s menu, there are a few large hamburgers where you need to open your mouth big in order to eat it. This has resulted many Japanese women avoid to order the burger. Well, the sales were definitely flagging because of the Ochobo spells in Japan.

Ochobo in Japan literally means “to have a small and modest mouth to stay attractive”. This is very important for every woman in Japan.

In Opposite, girls with big mouth are ugly. This is also the reason why you often see Japanese women hide their mouth while eating or laughing because that’s considered to be ladylike.

In Japan, large open mouth in public is regarded as ugly and rude especially for women.

Freshness Burger
It is considered good manner to cover your mouth when opening it. Thus, no women are willing to eat a large burger in public. It will definitely screw the first date.

Freshness Burger accepted the challenge to come up with the simplest solution, known as the Liberation Wrapper.

Liberation Wrapper
Liberation Wrapper is obviously a nice name. In fact, it is a piece of wrapper printed with a nice mouth. This is to cover the mouth to allow women to bite and swallow the burger in whatever way they want. It has freed women from the spells of Ochobo.

The Liberation Wrapper was a big and an instant success that boost the sales up to 213% for women customers within a month.

Liberation Wrapper
The best business strategy is always “use the least to conquer to most” and Freshness Burger in Japan seems to have practiced it in the perfect way. Well, Ochobo not just a culture in Japan but also in many other Asian countries such as China, Korea, Thailand, Taiwan, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam and others.