It Takes Only One Photo To Make Them Become An Internet Sensation Overnight

Girls, please read this carefully. Check your backpack, handbags or even your purse properly before going out. Make sure there is nothing in the bag that look like a sex toy otherwise you could become an online sensation overnight if any photo or video were captured.

Sara Eisen, was caught on Bloomberg TV Live with her skirt up on. It is not just her underwear revealed to the nation but also a long black thing in between her legs that looks like a sextoy.

sara eisen

Photo from YouTube/Bloomberg

“What was the object between Bloomberg reporter Sara Eisen’s legs” becomes the most asked question overnight. Even until today.

Miss A has become an online sensation after a photo of her was shared to Facebook. The photo was snapped on a train platform in London. A curious pink object was seen peeking out from her backpack which looks like a woman’s toy.

woman with curious object
What is the moral of this story? It tells us don’t buy handsfree, mic pack, phone covers, portable speakers or anything that look like a sextoy. On the other hand, you can do it with purpose if you want to become an internet celebrity within the shortest time. But trust me, you wouldn’t want to gain fame in that way.