This Is Japan’s Latest Underwear Fashion. It Is Panties And Also Scrunchies

From fashion to architecture design to inventions, Japan is always seen as most creative country. Recently, two Japanese invented a new product called Pantsu shushu (??? ????), literally “Panty Scrunchies”. It is something a woman can use to fasten long hair and it is also something a woman can wear underneath. Oh My goodness, what was that again? In the past, Japan has shocked us with a lot of crazy Japanese inventions especially the most insane bridge is in Japan. This time, you will be once again dazed by Panty Scrunchies when you thought there won’t be anything else that will be surprising from Japan.

Panty Scrunchies (Pantsu shushu) is a new accessory in Japan which doubles as woman’s panties and hair scrunchies.

Panty Scrunchies
They are now available on Village/Vanguard’s online store for $6.11 dollars each (756 yen). It is a very reasonable price for a useful 2-in-1 product.

Panty Scrunchies looks like a regular scrunchie when fasten on hair or tied on hand.

Panty Scrunchies
With this Panty Scrunchies, you can bring extra underwear out without being noticed. “Elegance is not about being noticed, it’s about being remembered.” – Giorgio Armani.

This new accessory can be untwisted into a sexy panty within a second. It comes in three colors pink, light blue and black.

Panty Scrunchies
This new fashion accessory from Japan is definitely a fun yet practical thing. Girls can surprise their friends or boyfriend by pulling a underwear out of their hair within a second. “That’s panties!”

It’s a sexy sight to see a girl hold a scrunchie in her mouth as she prepares to tie up her ponytail.

Pantsu shushu
What if a girl leaves this Panty Scrunchies on a guy’s table? That will definitely a good prank to pull on boys.