The Weirdest Burger Should Be This Red Burger From Burger King Japan

Can you believe Burger King Japan is selling red burgers to its customers? We are talking about a complete red burger, Aka Samurai Burger, comes with red buns, red cheese, red sauce and red pepper. Fortunately, the beef patty, sliced onion and fried chicken remain in their natural colors.

There will be 2 types of red burgers: the Aka Samurai Beef and the Aka Samurai Chicken.

red burger
Starting July 3, both the Aka Samurai Beef and the Aka Samurai Chicken will be available at all Burger King across Japan. Aka Samurai Beef is priced at 690 yen (approximately $5.50) while the Aka Samurai Chicken is priced at 540 yen (approximately $4.30).

The Samurai Beef will feature a beef patty and sliced onion. The Samurai chicken will include fried chicken, tomato and lettuce. Both variants will have red ketchup, red buns, red sauce, red pepper and red cheese.

red burger burger king aka samurai
The red sauce used for the red burgers is based on miso paste mixed with tomato powder, hot red pepper and Chinese chili bean sauce. They are all natural ingredients and completely safe to eat.

The all-red burger idea comes from Burger King’s limited-time black burger, the Kuro Pearl and the Kuro Diamond.

Kuro Burger black burger

Getty Images News / Keith Tsuji

In Japanese, “Aka” means Red. If you happen to see “Aka Sooseeji” in a Japanese restaurant menu, that means Red Sausage.

What do you think about these red burgers? Would you dare to eat? Leave your comment here if you have something to say. Perhaps a blue burger is up next.