What If I Tell You Thai Eat Grasshopper, Crickets And Silk Worms Just Like French Fries

Exotic food is something common in Asia country especially Thailand. But this one will definitely freak you out! There is one famous dish in Thailand called Malang Tod. Malang Tod literally means “fried bug” or “fried insect” in Thai. It is a legendary food that can be seen all over Thailand. From Chiang Mai to Bangkok to Phuket, most Thai take them as daily food just like how you take snacks.

Just like how you eat French fries, Thai eat fried grasshoppers, crickets, silk worms, water beetles, giant water bugs, bamboo worms, red ants, bugs and many similar things with salt.

Thai grasshopper
It is common to see this food all over Bangkok. They are available at famous tourist places such as Khaosan road, Silom, or even in front of Central World Bangkok.

Sometimes, Thai eat Malang Tod together with whisky or beer. It is a popular food to eat after dinner or while you are watching your favorite TV show.

malang tod
Do you really think Fear Factor is a fear for them?

In generally, fried water beetles and crickets are more expensive compared to grasshopper because they are harder to catch. Insects or bugs that stay around the stall are always cheaper, such as red ants.

fried bug
Now look around your table or computer, do you see any Thai cuisine?