It Took This Guy A Minute To Unclog Toilet With A Piece Of Plastic That Is Widely Sold In Korea

Having a clogged toilet is an age-old problem. People with experienced can solve this problem with a plunger or a plumbing snake in about 10-20 minutes. However, people who know nothing about clogged toilet might flood the bathroom and make the situation worse. Nobody wish to clean the bathroom for sure.
Now there is a man in Korea uses a piece of yellow plastic to unclog toilet in just a minute. He doesn’t need anything else to fix clogged toilet. It is a new invention and it can be purchased almost anywhere. Any person without any knowledge can get this done in a minute too. This piece of yellow plastic is known as the “Pongtu”.

Pongtu is a new invention from South Korea. It is a piece of yellow plastic which can be stretched to fit over the top of a toilet seat. It takes only 6 steps to unclog toilet with Pongtu.

Pongtu sealed over the opening of your toilet and create a natural vacuum works to unclog toilet. This is definitely a very brilliant invention. For people who live outside of Korea, you can now buy Pongtu from Amazon or any Guardian store. The general price for Pongtu toilet disposable sticker plunger is $28.29 for 3 sheets. Standard size is 370mm x 450mm.

Now see how you can unclog toilet in a minute with Pongtu