This Is The World’s Longest Bridge Over Water You Will Want To See In Person

There is something amazing about bridges in this world. They are built not just to connect people and places together but also as a symbol of what human being is capable to achieve in architecture. Other than the most insane bridge in Japan, the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge (or Qingdao Haiwan Bridge) is the one to be mentioned.

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is listed as the World’s Longest Bridge Over Water in the Guiness Book of World Record.

Jiaozhou bay bridge
You are not recommended to drive across this bridge if you have acrophobia. Driving across the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is like sitting on plane.

The Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is 41.58 km (25.84 miles) long. It is part of a new highway connecting Qingdao and Lanzhou.

Jiaozhou bay bridge
The main purpose of this bridge is to reduce the road distance between Qingdao and Huangdao as well as travel time. People who travel these two cities ever day can now reduce their travel distance by 30 km (approximately 19 miles) and their travel time by at least 20 to 30 minutes.

The construction of the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge used 450,000 tons of steel and 2.3 million cub meters of concrete. That’s what makes it the longest cross-sea bridge in the world.

world's longest bridge over waterTravelers who use this bridge can navigate to the west using Cangkou Channel Bridge, to the east using Dagu Channel Bridge, or to the north using Hongdao Channel Bridge.

Shandong Gaosu Group is the builder of Jiaozhou Bay Bridge.

Jiaozhou bay bridge

It took only four years and about 10,000 people to build this bridge.

Jiaozhou bay bridge china
Some people called it the “World’s Longest Sea Bridge” while some called it “World’s Longest Cross-seat Bridge”. What would you like to name it?