These People Born In The 1800s And They Are Having Trouble Signing Up For A Facebook Account

Facebook is a free social networking service and anyone is welcome to sign up for an account. The sign up process is very easy. All you have to do is enter you first name, last name, email, password and birthday. However, there are 5 people in this world are not welcome on Facebook. They were born in the 1800s and three of them are living in the United States. They are having trouble signing up for a Facebook account because the oldest year of birth you can select on Facebook’s sign up page is 1905. Let’s see the five oldest people in the world who are still with us today.

1. Misao Okawa, Japan, born in March 5, 1898.

Misao Okawa oldest living person
Image source: Tomohito Okada AFP/Getty Images

Misao Okawa is currently the oldest person in the world as well as in Japan. She was born when Queen Victoria was still on the throne. Okawa’s favorite food is sushi, one of the top 10 Japanese food. Her secret to longevity – “Good genes, regular sleep, exercise”.

2. Gertrude Weaver, United States, born in July 4, 1898.

Gertrude Weaver oldest living American
Image source: Danny Johnston, AP

Gertrude Weaver has just celebrated her 117th birthday in July 2015 together with United States. She is the second-oldest person in the world as well as oldest American. Gradie Welch is her granddaughter, who is nearly 80. Her secret to longevity – “Kindness”.

3. Jeralean Talley, United States, born in May 23, 1899.

Jeralean Talley
Image source: Kimberly P. Mitchell, Detroit Free Press

It’s not surprise to know that Jeralean Talley has three grandchildren, 10 great-grandchildren and four great-great-grandchildren. Talley is living out of her age, she still play slot machines at casinos and goes on annual fishing trips with her family. Her secret to longevity – “Stay Active”.

4. Susannah Mushatt Jones, United States, born in July 6, 1899.

Susannah Mushatt Jones
Image source: Getty Images

Susannah Mushatt Jones was born in Alabama, United States. She never smoked or drank alcohol, perhaps that’s her secret to longevity?

5. Emma Morano, Italy, born in November 29, 1899.

Image source: AP

Emma Morano is the oldest living person in Italy as well as Europe. At the age of 116, Morano lives on her own and she is able to take care of herself independently. Perhaps her daily glass of homemade brandy is her secret to longevity.

These five women were born in the 1800s and they are still with us. Click “Share” or “Like” to wish them stay healthy and happy.