Bruce Lee Defeated Bolo Yeung in Real Fight?

Now the story between martial arts legend Bruce Lee and Chinese Hercules Bolo Yeung has been around since the 70s. This is because Bolo Yeung played a very important role in the all-time best Kung Fu movie “Enter The Dragon” in 1973. This was the last movie of Bruce Lee before his sudden death in 1973. This movie was premiered at the cinema in the United States one month after the death of the superstar. Without surprise, this movie hit the movie box office and become one of the most profitable martial arts movies of all time.

With such a huge success, a few roles in the movie also gained a lot of fame in 1973. The main villain Han, which played by Shek Kien, and the most notable is Bolo, the main bad role who was an assistant to Han. The character Bolo is played by Yang Tze, a Hong Kong bodybuilder who won the title Mr. Hong Kong for a decade since 1970 to 1980. Everyone called Yang Tze “Bolo Yeung” after his appearance in the 1973 Enter The Dragon.

Bolo Yeung body is very big, he is very strong. When he stood beside Bruce Lee, you can see a huge different between these two legend. Bolo Yeung was a lot heavier than Bruce Lee. However on the other hand, Bruce Lee looks lean and with lots of muscle mass. This makes martial arts fans wonder who would win in a fight if both of them go for a no-hold-bar fight. Bolo Yeung? or Bruce Lee? When we are wondering who would win in a fight between these two martial arts legends, here’s a video about Bolo Yeung who was defeated by Bruce Lee in an arm wrestling. It is an interesting true story!

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