This Reporter Asked A 4-Year-Old Preschooler A Question, He Paused A Second And Began To Tear Up

Summer vacation had just over and many preschoolers headed back to the school for the first day of school on Tuesday. For many students, first day of school always bring mixed emotions because they are going to deal with different teachers, different classes and different friends. Andrew Macias, a 4-year-old pre-kindergartener seems excited about his first day at City Terrace Elementary School. During an interview, Los Angeles’s KTLA reporter Courtney Friel asked if he was excited for the first day of school. Andrew answered “Yes” with cute smiling. But when Friel asked the second question, “Are you going to miss your mom?” the little boy firmly said “No.” He paused a second and then began to cry. “No? Oh – don’t cry!”, Friel responded.

“I just made a pre-K kid cry- I feel awful about that!” Friel wrote on her Twitter hours later after the interview. Fortunately, Andrew’s mother was there to give him a hug off camera.

What do you think about the question asked by Friel? What we can learn from the story? Never ask a preschooler if they are going to miss mom?