What Kind Of Chicken Lays Green, Purple, Pink and Blue Eggs?

It is very common to see brown and white chicken eggs in any grocery stores but it is a strange thing to see blue, pink, red, purple, yellow or green eggs. I was totally shocked when I saw different colors of eggs in a grocery store. My first thought – they are definitely colored eggs. But what is the purpose to color those eggs? Is it some kind of symbol to tell the buyer those are extraordinary egg?

These eggs are in pink, yellow, green, orange, blue and purple.

colorful eggs

These photos are taken in a grocery store in Bangkok, Thailand. I asked the seller to explain to me about those colorful eggs. However, it is not easy to find a person who can speak English in Bangkok.

According to a research, the Easter Egger hens lay blue, green, cream and pink eggs. They are popular around Easter. Ameraucana or Americanas are some other names people call their Easter Eggers.purple pink green eggs

Other than chicken eggs (hens’ eggs), turkeys eggs, geese eggs, guinea fowl eggs and gulls eggs are other common eggs we eat. Apart from that, it is really amazing to come across these colorful eggs in a shopping mall.

Look at these yellow, green, purple and orange eggs. There are a also a few black eggs too.

yellow blue black orange green eggs

A closer look of pink eggs. They are as pink as pink panther.

pink chicken eggs
Perhaps Burger King Japan can consider using these pink eggs for their red burger.

What kind of chicken lays green eggs, blue eggs, pink eggs and purple eggs?

Other than Easter Eggers, I have no idea. If you do, please say it out.