This Is What You Can Do To Your House If You Think The Land Is Pricey

When it comes to housing, the creativity is limitless. Some people build houses on top of mountains while some build underground homes. Whether it is a cliff house or teletubby house, you still can’t avoid paying property taxes. However, if you are living in the Northwest cities of Seattle and Portland, you can get a floating homes under $100,000 to up few million dollars. If you love being surrounded by water, let’s just forget about the pricey land or property permits and check out these 6 stylish floating houses around the world.

1. This Floating Cub House is created by David Olson, a Seattle-based architect. This house is made of modern steel structure with a tremendous 360 degree views from the inside.

floating homes
Photo credit: David Olson

2. This is a Floating House found in the Sausalito houseboat community. There are a few more similar houses located at Liberty Dock and Issaquah Dock in Sausalito, California.

floating homes
Photo credit: Travelmonkey

3. A beautiful floating house in Steigereiland, Holland. It is atteached to moorings which rise and fall with the tides and other sea rises. Simply Amazing!

floating home
Photo credit: dw

4. An artsy floating home on Lake Union, Washington. It is designed by Vandeventer & Carlander Architects of Seattle. It is one of the most luxury floating homes in United States.

floating lake home
Photo credit: va-arch

5. This floating home was built on a steel platform structure with steel pontoons (also called floats). These steel pontoons are designed to provide buoyancy in water so that the house can rise and fall with the sea levels.

floating home
floating house
Photo credit: inspirationgreen

6. Schwimmhausboot, a permanent floating home built by German architects Confused-Direction. It built with 250 year-old larch wood. It is ecofriendly, zero-emissions with a green roof.


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