This Touching Video About A Man And His Dog Gets 100k Likes, 50k Shares And 5 Million Views In Just 30 Minutes

A Taiwan celebrity Manaki took a video of a man and his dog from a 7-floor building during her dancing class. She then posted the video on her Facebook and it gone viral. The video gets more than 100k Likes, 5 million views and 50k shares in just 30 minutes. In the video, the dog is walking in front of the old man. It looks like it is leading the man to the way home. The loyal dog stops every few seconds and turn its head to make sure the old man is following.

The video is only 53 seconds but it will grab you by the heart for sure.

touching video dog and old man
A Facebook user said this video is packed with onion, which makes you cry. Another user said this is the most touching video she has ever seen. There is also a comment said that this old man walks the dog almost everyday at the same street in Taipei.

Now Check out this video that make many people cry a bucket of tears. Please prepare some tissue paper before you hit the play button.

Other related news: According to Siberian Times reports, there is a loyal dog shown up every day for two years at a hospital where her master passed away.