These 10 Photos Will Make You Look At Least Twice. May Be Thrice Because They Are Wonderful

Robert Rickhoff, a photographer who graduated from ArtEZ Institute of the Arts in Enschede, Netherlands with a Bachelor’s degree in Design, has created many amazing photos. Most of the scenes in his photos are things you will see in your daily life but Rickhoff made it in a creative way. Every photo is unique and you definitely need to look at it at least twice, or may be thrice.

1. Tube Slide – Make sure you go fast otherwise you will be stucked in the middle.


2. Obviously, this Seesaw is not made for kid.


3. Where does the sh*t actually goes when you flush it?


4. Now you really need to drift into the parking lot.


5. This is definitely for scramblers but not ordinary cars.


6. This is obviously not a good prank to pull on anyone on April fool.


7. Jamie Thomas, Rob Dyrdek and Rodney Mullen. Are you ready for this?


8. Any stupid horse?


9. Now that’s what we call a dream office for work.


10. Ever imagine yourself as Shinobi and jump on the cliff?


Image source: Robert Rickhoff