Top 10 Greatest Martial Artists Of All Time. Bruce Lee Is Surprisingly Ranked #2

Ever wonder can all the martial art actors really fight in real life? This is a list of top 10 greatest martial artists of all time. They were ranked according to real life fighting skills. It was voted and compiled by a group of martial art fans all over the world. Surprisingly, Bruce Lee is ranked at #2 and Jackie Chan is at #10. Let’s see who are the best fighters of all time.

10. Jackie Chan

Jackie Chan
Jackie Chan is best known for his acrobatic fighting style but not real fight. However, his stunts are wonderful.

9. Louis Fan Siu-wong

Louis Fan Siu Wong
Do you remember there is a guy name Jin Shanzhao in Ip Man and Ip Man 2? He is Louis Fan Siu-wong. Louis started to learn martial arts since young from his father who is also a martial artist.

8. Gordon Liu Chia Hui

Gordon Liu Chia Hui
Gordon Liu Chia Hui trained his martial arts (Kung Fu) at Martial Arts School of Hung Gar, which descended from Wong Fei Hung’s grand student (father to Lau Kar Leung). According to Gordon, he said he skipped school to train Kung Fu in his youth because he is a Chinese.

7. Leung Siu-lung

Leung Siu Lung
Leung Siu-lung latest appearance in a martial art movie is Kung Fu Hustle which is directed by Steven Chow. He learned his martial arts from his father at the Cantonese opera. Goju Ryu Karate and Wing Chun are both his major styles. He was once defeated ten persons with knife in a lift according to a rumor in Hong Kong.

6. Wu Jing (Jing Wu or Jacky Wu)

Wu Jing
In his youth, Wu Jing fight and won first place in several national level Wushu competitions in China, therefore, he often credited as “Kung Fu Kid”.

5. Jet Li (Li Lianjie)

Jet Li
Jet Li is five-time National Wushu Champion of China. He is possibly the most popular wushu practitioner in the world. He is also best known for his role in Once Upon A Time in China as Wong Fei-hung.

4. Donnie Yen (Yen Ji-dan)

Donnie Yen
Donnie Yen learned Tai Chi from his mother at a very young age. He then learn taekwondo in his teenage years and then he joined the Beijing wushu team in Beijing, China. In United States, he won a few gold medals in various martial art competitions. According to Donnie Yen, he describes himself as a mixed martial artist. As we can see how he fights in those competition, he is without doubt one of the greatest fighter in the world today.

3. Michael Chan Wai-man

Chan Wai Man
Michael Chan learned a lot martial arts during his youth include Muay Thai and Chinese Kung Fu from both the northern and southern of China. In real life, Chan and Bruce Lee are good friends. There is an old saying: “Chan has the best punches while Lee has the best kicks”. In 1983, Michael Chan spent 45 seconds to KO (a knockout in boxing) a Japanese kickboxer.

2. Bruce Lee

Bruce Lee
Bruce Lee, the man who bring “Kung Fu” to the world, the founder of Jeet Kune Do, and the man who is credited as the King of Kung Fu, has a long story to tell. Bruce Lee started his Kung Fu journey by learning Wing Chun from his teacher Ip Man in 1957. He then continued to pursue his martial arts. His sidekick is fast and strong and he can throw more than 10 punches in a second. Also, nothing is more impressive than his famous strike, the one-inch punch.

1. Billy Chow (Chow Bei-lei)

Billy Chow
Billy Chow is a martial art, karate, boxing and Muay thai practitioner. He is the former WKA world kickboxing champion with 43 wins and 8 losses. He KO his opponents in 31 matches and never been knockout. Billy Chow is also an actor and best known for his roles as General Fujita in the 1994 film Fist of Legend. Whether it is in the movie or outside of the movie, Billy Chow is without doubt the greatest martial artist of all time.

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