23 Bizarre Food You Will Only See At Walmart China. Pig Faces Is Just One To Be Mentioned. The Rest Will Shock You.

As the east and west are few thousand miles apart, it is quite interesting to learn the differences in social cultures between them. For example, slurping your noodles is a polite thing in Japan but it is odd in the west. Eating a grasshopper is normal for Thai but that only happens in Fear Factor reality show. Today, we are going to walk through Chinese Walmart and show you the bizarre food. You wouldn’t believe that pig faces are common items in the store. All these food are totally normal for people in China but they probably will give you some customs shock.

1. Crocodiles. My 6-year-old son screamed when he saw this.            Chinese Walmart

2. Live eels. It’s an item you won’t see in the American stores.

live eels walmart

3. Pig feet are available almost every day in Wal-Mart China. Customers can touch and select the best pig feet.

Pig feet walmart
Flickr/Flippy Whale

4. An entire pig and hundreds of pig faces.

pig faces Walmart

5. Watermelons for one.


6. Live wild hopping frogs. You need to be able to handle it if you want to buy it.

hopping frogs Walmart china

7. Peeled fresh orange.

peeled orange

8. Eggs in different types of colors such as green, purple, pink, blue and black.

yellow green blue eggs
What kind of chicken lays green, purple, pink and blue eggs?

9. Salted Mackeral.

salted mackeral

10. Fresh turtles. Guaranteed fresh because they are still moving.

China Walmart frogs
image source: blogs-images.forbes.com

11. Different types of rice are widely available in Walmart China and Walmart Asia.

rice on rack

12. Powdered Horse Milk.

powdered horse milk

13. Identical Twin Fish.

twin fish

14. Dried Squid and many other dried seafood products.

dried squid products

15. Kiddy shark in package.

shark walmart
Image source: img4.coconuts.co

16. A huge shark head.

shark walmart china

17. Packs of dried reptile body parts.

Walmart China

18. Grilled Stick Pork. They are in packages.

grilled stick pork

19. Grilled rat? This is one of the most bizarre food you will ever see in Chinese Walmart. Notice there is a small rat icon above the price tag.

Chinese Walmart

20. Duck meat with heads and feet.

Walmart duck

21. Plenty of seafood.

Walmart China

22. Hot and Spicy Beef Granules.

hot spicy beef granules

23. Buy 3 Snickers Free 2 Energizer Battery. There is a label to tell you “Do Not Eat”.

Walmart china
Are you ready to shop at Wal-Mart in China?