5 Greatest Original Sound Tracks From The 90s Japanese Drama That Shouldn’t Be Forgotten

Whether you live in Japan or outside of Japan, you should listen to these 5 original sound tracks from the late 90s Japanese drama once again. Every piece of a song may invoke a certain feeling to you. These feelings are rarely the same for others and it cannot be defined because there is no standard measurement. However, one thing that can be sure is that every song you used to listen will influence your life without your awareness. Listen to these songs once again if you don’t believe it. They will refresh your memory about everything that happened to you in the late 90s. They will also remind you your continuum.

1. First Love (Majo no Joken OST) – Utada Hikaru (??? ???)

2. Forever (Beach Boys OST) – Takashi Sorimachi (?? ??)

3. La La La Love Song (Long Vacation OST) Toshinobu Kubota (??? ??)

4. Poison (Great Teacher Onizuka OST) – Takashi Sorimachi (?? ??)

5. True True (Love Generation OST) Cagnet, a soulful pop and R&B band established in California but debut in Japan in the 90s

Music is something can heal your soul, for sure. Do you wonder how could time pass so fast after listening to these songs?