There Is A Japanese Game Show Where Woman In Kimono Has To Outrun A Giant Komodo

If there is a Guinness World Record of world’s craziest game shows, Japan will be the record holder. There is a Japanese TV show where woman tied a slab of meat to her and outrun a giant komodo dragon (a huge ugly lizard). This woman has to wear a traditional kimono to take the challenge. This is definitely not a joke because the komodo will eat the woman after he finished the slab of meat.

A Japanese woman in Kimono outruns a Komodo dragon for her life.

crazy Japanese TV show
As the giant Komodo accelerates towards the meat, the prankster sprints off and run as fast as possible to the finish line. The giant Komodo is 9 feet long and weighing up to 100kg.

The prankster, Ayako Imoto, warms up before the Komodo Dragon shambles towards her.

crazy Japanese TV shows
There are a few experts who stand at the finish line to give help to stop the giant Komodo. A record shows Ayako Imoto has outrun a few different animals in different TV shows such as alligators, predators and cheetahs. This is definitely another crazy TV shows in Japan compared to the one that requires two beautiful girls to blow a cockroach into each other’s mouths.

As you can see in the video, there is a piece of meat tied to her and the rope is less than 5m long.

Do you know that a giant Komodo dragon is able to run at the top speed of 15 mph (24 km/h)?