Why These Two Beautiful Japanese Girls Try Hard To Blow A Cockroach Into Each Other’s Mouths

Although some people in a few Asian countries do eat cockroach as French fries, it is still an awkward thing for many of us even just watching it. According to a survey, Japan is seen as one of the most creative countries and the survey seems to be truth when it comes to variety shows. There is one show in Japan called AKBingo! The contestants in this game show are required to blow a cockroach into each other’s mouth. The punishment? The cockroach is your dinner.

AKBingo! is a very popular Japanese variety show where it is packed with creative pranks and breathtaking competitions, include the cockroach blowing fight.

The cockroach is going back and forth when the contestants try to blow it to each other. The harder you blow, the further it is but it could be back in less than a second.

Now watch what the loser will get? Of course is the cockroach. The loser suck the cockroach into her mouth in less than a second. Delicious or Gross?

Also, the cockroach is a live one. It is so gross, disgusting, unpleasant, sickening, coarse and nasty. How on earth the Japanese game hosts is able to think about it? What do you say then? Does it really entertain you?