This Teacher Quits Her Job To Make Twerking Videos And Becomes A Millionaire

Unless you really love dancing, there is no reason to wake up early and go to twerk everyday. However, Jessica Vanessa, a 23-year-old girl makes a living by sharing her twerking videos to Vine, one of the biggest short video sharing websites. Most of her twerking videos are only 6 seconds long.

Jessica Vanessa was a kindergarten teacher but she quits her job to make twerking videos. Vanessa is allegedly earning six figures with a few six seconds videos.

Jessica Vanessa twerking
Jessica Vanessa quit her job and started a Vine account from her hometown in Florida. Within a year, she has accumulated over 2 million followers.

Currently, Jessica Vanessa has 2.6 million followers and more than a billion loops in her Vine account.


Jessica Vanessa Vine – Vine’s most famous booty

According to Jessica, she only had 20 followers when she first started her Vine account. She hit the tipping point by submitting a video to another Vine user named Eric Dunn. Her followers then become 2,000+ overnight. Since then, Jessica keep on uploading her twerking videos as we as some other comedy skits.

Now watch Jessica Twerking videos taken from her official YouTube account.

If the six figure earnings was true, Jessica should be a millionaire now because it takes 12 months maximum to reach a million dollar.