This Man Gives A Multi-Million Dollar Idea and All He Wants Is Just $100,000

This is a story happened to a company I used to work with. That was a company that manufactures toothpaste. Well, everyone knows that toothpaste is a necessity for every human to clean and maintain the health and aesthetics of teeth. Therefore, the business is endless and it can be last for a long time as long as competitors stay the same. However, in one early morning, the CEO of my company called out everyone for an emergency meeting. I clearly remember the first few sentences he said and that was “The sales of our company have reached a plateau. There is no growth anymore since last 2 years.”

Toothpaste is an essential thing for everyone on earth

Our CEO requested everyone to come out an idea to make the sales grow. Engineers, sales managers, regional manager, country manager, toilet cleaner and almost everyone in the meeting room are scratching their head.

After a few hours, there is no solution from everyone who is wearing suit. One of the toilet cleaners raise his hand and said…

“I… I… I got the idea! I am sure this idea is going to work.” said Nakamura. “Mr CEO, can I request to have $100,000 dollars for this idea? I need to have your word before I say it out.” Nakamura continues. Our CEO promised his request without any doubt.

Nakamura’s idea is to increase the diameter of the toothpaste hole for another 1mm. Most users will consume the toothpaste a lot faster and they need to buy more.

The company has successfully raise the sales of their toothpaste for the following months. Our cleaner Nakamura is happy with his $100,000 cash money too. The moral of the story? Use the easiest method to solve the hardest problem.

This article is written by Nanako Matsushima who lives in Japan. She submitted the article to Fecielo. The content in this page is purely for entertainment and educational purposes. All rights reserved.